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We Won PRINT Magazine’s Grand Prize award!!!

We can’t believe we won PRINT Magazine’s Grand Prize award!!

Founded in 1940, PRINT Magazine is an iconic design and visual culture brand. Anyone in the design industry knows that PRINT Mag is the leading authority and go-to resource for basically anything design related.

One of the greatest parts of PRINT Mag is their mission to connect design community members and give recognition to those who deserve it. Each year PRINT Mag holds the PRINT Regional Design Awards. It is the most well-known, respected and prestigious competitions in the American Design industry. Those who win this award get national recognition and are deemed one of the country’s top talents. Thousands of art directors, studios, and creative professionals apply hoping for the chance to win a prestigious PRINT Regional Design Award.

We had a lot of success with our AIGA 35th Anniversary posters and we felt like this might be our chance to get some recognition for all of our hard work. Along with almost 4,000 other applicants, we nervously sent in our designs and waited for the best.

After winning Best of Region for the East, we were then entered into the running for the Best of All Regions grand prize and we can’t believe that we received 47% of reader votes! We’re so thankful that our designs resonated with you all to such a high extent. Thank you all who voted for us, we appreciate it more than you know.

From GDLOFT and the entire Philadelphia Design Community, thank you so much. Now time to celebrate!

Want to read more about our inspiration for the AIGA 35th Anniversary posters? Click the link below to check out the article in Print Magazine:


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