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Want to Get Your Projects in Motion?

With social media and digital devises abundant in our daily lives, animating your logo or having a motion piece can greatly enhance your audience's experience and really grab their attention. We’ve had the pleasure to put projects into motion for Impact, TracePHL Participatory Design Lab, as well as a digital billboard for Whitman at 200.

IdN magazine's July issue featuring GDLOFT!

The July issue of IdN focuses on self-promotional design and branded identities. We were among the 50 contributors selected for this month’s issue.

If you don't get our New Year's card but want one in 2020, reply with your mailing address and we'll make sure you get it.

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Do You Need a Strategic Partner?

Over the past few months we took a closer look at some of our favorite projects that we thought you would benefit from. We created a series of mini case studies that have been posted to our blog. The purpose was to share with you the questions that our clients asked us to solve. "Do You Need a Strategic Partner?" This the sixth and final case study in the series.

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