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Trace Brand Identity

Following her dream of opening a gallery shop, Marny Baxt came to us in search of a brand identity that would have deep sentimental meaning while also being fresh and inviting in order to attract customers into the shop.

Client History

Marny grew up in a family of fine art collectors and patrons, and some of her fondest memories include tagging along with her parents in search of the perfect piece of artwork to fill her childhood home. After a long career in Talent Management, Marny found herself feeling the need to connect to her old roots and having the desire to share her love of art and eye for design with the world. So, she decided to open Trace.

Our work

Marny was in search of a brand identity that matched the inviting, inspiring feeling customers would experience when shopping at Trace, while also paying homage to those most important to her.

Of the few options we showed, Marny was drawn to the design you see above. With this design, we chose to break up the letters of the word “trace” into various fragments, all having different colors. These colors metaphorically represent her mother, father, daughter, and herself. When separated by color, the fragmented letters act as puzzle pieces searching for their other parts. When combined, they connect perfectly to create Trace.

Deliverables Below you can see the collateral we created inspired by the Trace logo.

Business Cards


Inventory Hang tags

Shopping Bags


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