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Reflex Blue Show Interview

Last month GDLOFT had the pleasure of attending the HOW Design Live design conference in Boston to celebrate winning the Grand Prize Print Magazine Regional Design Award for our poster designs for AIGA Philadelphia’s 35th Anniversary. We had an amazing time meeting so many great people, celebrating our work and the work of others, and signing limited edition versions of our posters at the Neenah Paper booth.

But we have to say, one of our favorite parts was sitting down and chatting with Donovan Beery for the Reflex Blue Show podcast.

On the podcast we talk about the symbolic meaning behind the AIGA 35th anniversary posters, and some news about GDLOFT. Of course, we also talk about pop music lyrics and our main-man David Bowie. In addition to the AIGA posters, we talk about things like academia, teaching, designing full-time WHILE teaching full-time, and how the heck we juggle, and also manage to merge, the two worlds. We also talk about fine-art and give some advice for students.

Interested to learn more about these topics? Or maybe you’re just interested in hearing us ramble for 30 minutes. Regardless of the reason, sit back, relax, and click the link below to listen to our interview on the Reflex Blue Show.  


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