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Governor Wolf classified PRINT as a Life Sustaining Industry –

Governor Wolf classified Print as a Life Sustaining Industry, essential to every industry. GDLOFT is here for all your print design needs, let us know how we can help. We create variety of different formats for our clients, including signage, letters, forms, postcards, posters, brochures, and books, just to name a few. The list below is from the Graphic Arts Association.

The following are real time activities that our PA printers are engaged in, right now:

· Printing of packaging (labels, cartons, instructions) for pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, etc.

· Printing and production of Food packaging – labels, etc.

· Mailing of notices, instructions, information as an integrated operation of printing

· Printing communications including newspapers, newsletters, bulletins etc. which provide information and guidance on Coronavirus.

· Printing of Health and Safety information for a variety of PA agencies

· Printing to support the distribution of banking, insurance, and financial information

· Printing in support of elections and civic undertakings

· Printing to support businesses who are required to inform clients of certain actions in a limited time frame

· Printing of signage to alert the public to important announcements and changes

· Printing to support the marketing efforts of struggling companies as well as advising consumers where products can be obtained.

· Support documents for medical and dental practices

· Printing of cancellation notices for non-profits and other organizations

· Printing of COVID information pertaining to farm employment

· Printing of mailings to Medicare recipients

· Printing of material for the United States Government Printing Office


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