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Giving An Art School Its Own Presence In A Big University.


Can you help us stand out — and attract students — while complying with our parent brand?

The department of Art & Design at University of Delaware is world-class — beautiful and impressive in its offerings, credentials and physical space. But it was getting lost inside the overall collegiate, sports-forward brand that didn’t really reflect them. The Fine Art Department wanted help taking the existing identity and tailoring it for them — in a way that spoke to potential art students and helped demonstrate its unique offerings as an art school. They needed something tangible that would help attract prospective students.


As we conducted our meetings and focus groups with the students and faculty at the University of Delaware department of Art & Design, a theme emerged. We found out they are all about access. Access to the best professors, facilities, resources and a vibrant arts community. Plus access geographically to all the major cities on the east coast. GDLOFT wanted to create catalogs where the viewer would have instant access to information about the university’s BA, BFA and MFA programs.

We knew it was especially important for these visual learners to be able to see themselves there — so that is what we provided. By not having a traditional cover on the viewbooks, there was no barrier. Each catalog immediately exposes the information about the university and invites students in. The design combines two different sized books — one pictorial, one informational — that come together to create each catalog.


From design to photography, writing and art direction, we handled it all. We stayed in alignment with University of Delaware’s brand guidelines while also making it possible for the department of Art & Design to shine and have its own identity.

These books have been reprinted several times. Administrators have raved about how they give an honest and compelling portrayal of the school. And of course, they’re working!


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