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Can You Give Your Audience a Creative Moment?

Created for Muhlenberg College’s Paper Architecture art show, We designed an exhibition catalog that was simultaneously functional, a piece of work included in the show, and an interactive element for the audience.

Our Client

A liberal arts college located in Allentown, Pa, Muhlenberg College is home to the Martin Art Gallery. Giving viewers an insight into blurring the traditional boundaries and distinct modes of art making, Muhlenberg College unveiled its art exhibit, Paper Architecture.

Paper Architecture features five visual artists whose work combines two vastly different and distinct visual media platforms, drawing and sculpture. These artists include Sarah Kate Burgess, Andrée-Anne Dupuis-Bourret, Colette Fu, Jacque Liu, and Lee Emma Running. These artists were chosen because guest curator, Amza Emmons, felt as if they were leaders in innovating and exploring the boundaries of the art making process and perception.

What We Did

We designed a functional 8” x 10” exhibition catalog. The cover features a grid layout of multiple kiss cuts that when peeled back by the audience members reveals unlimited design combinations. We signed and created various patterns on 200 of the catalogs making them limited edition.  

Why We Did It

Incorporating a kiss cut cover allowed the catalog to become part of the experience. Viewers were able to immerse themselves into the exhibition by adding their own creativity and take ownership of their designs. The viewers become the artists. What started out as a regular catalog that would lose its value and use after being read, became something that had a deeper level of sentiment and connection to the viewer. This design choice puts the viewer in the spotlight, increasing their involvement, while also increasing their personal connection to the piece, hoping it becomes a cherishable item.


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