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Branding That Makes An Impact.

Reinvigorating an organization through a new, authentic, and powerful brand identity.


Can you help us reinvent our brand?

From fostering economic and workforce development, to finding housing for homeless veterans, IMPACT Services empowers the Kensington community and its residents. Unfortunately, their outdated logo and branding didn’t reflect any of this.

IMPACT needed a powerful, modern brand that would truly communicate who they are and what they do — and help them get noticed and grow.


Through our interviews and focus groups, it was evident to us immediately; IMPACT was truly making a difference in people’s lives. But how could we visualize this appropriately? We decided to create a logo that is completed by community members. After all, they are helping make the IMPACT.

The various “i’s” were hand-drawn by community members, employees and volunteers. Each “i” represents a person in the community, having individuality and uniqueness, while still being a part of a bigger picture — and a bigger IMPACT. To assure longevity and ongoing engagement, this library can continuously grow by adding more “i’s” over time. We also designed a more formal logo for their government audiences.

A complete brand guide made sure IMPACT could implement this branding on their own while staying consistent and cohesive. It even showed them how to use their logo on everything from posters to billboards and bus shelters.


IMPACT’s new brand elevated their profile and generated better recognition. Now the community could see all the good work they were doing. It was also more compelling for the organizations IMPACT sought funding from. An added bonus: Morale and excitement were boosted by having the community involved in the logo creation!


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