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You got the grant. What’s next?

Whether you just received your first grant or your 50th, you’re probably feeling ecstatic, determined and slightly overwhelmed by the magnitude of it all.

Of course you are! Your initiative can make a lasting mark. It can impact your community now, and for generations to come. That’s a very big deal — one we understand the importance of.

At GDLOFT, we specialize in helping grantees strategize, brand, market, and document their grant-funded projects to achieve the most awareness and engagement.

Grant-funded projects change lives. We see it happen all the time. Initiatives we’ve worked on have made life-altering impressions. Our clients tell that story best:

"The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage grant we received for Whitman at 200: Art and Democracy played an enormous role in the success of that project, which sought to build community around an examination of Whitman’s legacy and his ongoing impact on the arts. Pew provided important funding for design and marketing, which allowed us to work with a professional design firm on all aspects of design. This played an important role in making the project visible, and GDLOFT’s designs, which were eye-catching and flexible, were used for everything from banners, posters, and the website to bookmarks, cards, and the newspaper, providing a unified and identifiable visual element to a multi-faceted project with many participants, both institutional and individual."

– Lynne Farrington Senior Curator, Special Collections Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts University of Pennsylvania

"Through this 18-month public art project, the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center created a visual narrative, past and present, of South Kensington in an array of free public arts programs, two exhibitions, a pop-up park, and Arts Carnival and the South Kensington Community Archive. Our goal was to create a project that our neighbors could participate in as co-creators. GDLOFT anchored the project's communication strategy with bright, welcoming design assets and branding. GDLOFT designs helped connect all the moving parts of a complicated project. The culminating piece, however, was the beautifully designed, 142-page book of photographs, project documentation, community archive photos and essays. We were so proud to give a copy of The Philly Block Project to every member in the community who contributed their time, their portrait, their photos. While we may not see PPAC's neighbors as often as we did during the project, we hope that this book is a cherished remembrance of our collaborative celebration of South Kensington."

Lori Waselchuk Exhibitions and Programs Coordinator Philadelphia Photo Arts Center

If you are tasked with a life-changing project, we’d like to partner with you. We respect this place of incredible possibility! Here at GDLOFT, we know the vast benefits of branding grand-funded projects, and we will do everything in our power to help your organization bring your vision to fruition and maximize its positive impact. Wondering how?

Each project is totally unique and calls for different solutions. But getting started always looks the same.

Considering us as a partner? Here’s what the process looks like:

  1. You tell us about your project. We meet to learn about your organization, your passion, your goals and what you’ve promised.

  2. We examine your proposal and call upon our expertise. We look deeply at the grant proposal to decipher what was agreed upon with the foundation or grantor. We do research. We take every detail into consideration so we understand the full picture.

  3. We share our recommendations (and how we can potentially help). You might benefit from branding, marketing, documentation or all three. We’ll get specific about what we think will help you best maximize your funds and position this initiative for success.

  4. If you choose to work with us, we get moving! We conceptualize and deliver, supporting you at every step. Most engagements last from 1-2 years.

  5. We celebrate the impact. Grants are awarded to those organizations who can create positive change, and after your initiative is complete, you will have. Making the world a better place deserves celebration!

Want to maximize your grant funding and positively impact lives? Let’s talk.

Whether it’s during the grant writing stage, or it’s after you’ve received the grant and you’re ready to get moving, we’d love to guide you and share our suggestions.


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