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How Print Gives You Time Back

Current physical distancing has ramped up technology like no other. Now even our parents know how to use Zoom. It’s both wonderful, and wistful.

To a certain extent, technology controls us. As humans, we’re defining what we want from technology, but when we immerse ourselves, who really determines the outcomes? Are we in charge of the technology—or does it start to take charge of us?

Though we won’t ever have the disconnection of pre-internet ever again (and thank goodness for that!), we think it’s important to have times where there is no connection to anyone or anything technologically. To help our minds, bodies and nervous systems slow down. Even for a few minutes.

At GDLOFT, we have always been rooted in print. We know that print is human, connective and powerful. But today, we propose that print gives you back time, while, all too often, technology takes time away.

Print slows you down in a way that digital media does not. 

As an example, have you ever gotten immersed in a book and thought afterwards—I just wasted so much time reading that?! We haven’t. 

But we do feel that way when it comes to social media. My goodness, an hour has passed and I feel empty (even though I now know what a few strangers ate for dinner). 

With an email or digital message, you can’t really get absorbed in the content or the moment. Sure, you might get sucked into a rabbit hole of clicking and finding and uncovering—but there is no stillness.

Does this mean we dislike digital? Absolutely not. We sent this message to you digitally—via email. It’s on our blog! On our website! It’s all about balance, and there is a place for everything in your marketing strategy.

Here at GDLOFT, we’re finally finding time to read. Right now, we’re feeling inspired by The End of Absence: Reclaiming What We've Lost in a World of Constant Connection, by Michael Harris.

We love this quote: 

“Perhaps we now need to engineer scarcity in our communications, in our interactions, and in the things we consume. Otherwise our lives become like a Morse code transmission that's lacking breaks - a swarm of noise blanketing the valuable data beneath.”― Michael Harris

Print—especially beautiful, connective print—is rare and special.

Print is enriching. It gives you space and time, and lets you exhale.

We know that when it comes to our clients, print works.

But in the Morse code transmission of life, where the black parts are digital—we have to remember to input the pauses. At GDLOFT, we believe those pauses exist in print.

At least that’s what we’ve been noticing as we savor our pile of books!

If you want to utilize the power of print—in combination with digital—to help your audience slow down and truly absorb your message, we can help.


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