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Happy Holidays from GDLOFT

Looking at this picture reminds us of all the fun filled times hanging out in the studio, collaborating on projects in-person, and sharing meals and laughter. It really captures the spirit of the studio in just one image. Since March, we have been working remotely keeping that collaborative, creative spirit alive virtually.

When we think of all the words that could describe 2020 (unprecedented, bizarre, or weird …and the list goes on) the one word that shines brightest for us is fortunate. That’s the way we feel looking back on this year. We are fortunate to still be standing strong after all this uncertainty. We are fortunate to have employees that really care about their work and our clients. And, we are fortunate to have clients that stood by us during tough times. We didn’t let 2020 get us down, we used it as a time to reflect and refocus.

As we look forward to the possibilities in 2021, we hope to see this pandemic that has plagued so many in our country and around the world come to an end. And we can’t wait to return to our studio in-person, feel some semblance of normalcy, and maybe even go out and celebrate.

Happy Holidays to you and yours! Be safe out there.


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