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Not getting what you want? Try a new approach

We suggest trying something new: a creative process formulated to help you meet your goals via design deliverables! And guess what? That’s ours.

At GDLOFT, our goal is noticeable impact. That’s why our approach includes:

  • A holistic and intuitive discovery process that sees things from every angle — past, present and future

  • Decisions that are rooted in research (because every single design-decision you make matters)

  • Multi-use thinking — so your initiative goes further (and so does your budget)

  • Enough confidence (and expertise) to go against the grain and win

Yes, we have a track-record of awards (check out our latest for FDR Park!) — but more importantly, we have happy clients and ongoing partnerships. 


Because we aren’t just here for a one-time job. Our objective is to help you succeed — and then keep on succeeding. As your mission evolves, we will evolve with you — always there to listen, strategize and implement our uniquely-attuned creative process. 

Have something big coming up?

Organizations, institutions and municipalities come to us when there’s something on the horizon that really matters — whether they need help getting traction, visibility or money. If you need branding for a grant-funded project, have an appeal you want to maximize, need some powerful documentation, or simply want to get to know us, let’s talk

For our clients, we want nothing but the utmost satisfaction.

We want you to meet your goals.

We want your design partnership to be the best you’ve ever had.

Ready to ignite the possibilities? 

Our game-changing process BEGINS with a complimentary consultation.


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