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Do You Need Help Re-Inventing Your Brand?

In desperate need of a rebrand, Impact Services came to us looking for a fresh identity that was inviting and exciting, to portray the organization's values.

Our Client

Located in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, Impact Services is a nonprofit organization focused on helping those in need. The organization aims to build a stronger community while teaching valuable skills needed to find a job or housing. In addition, Impact has also spent two decades building a large assortment of housing services in an effort to end veteran homelessness.

Their Challenge

When first meeting with Impact Services, it was clear to see that their existing identity wasn’t doing much for the organization. The existing logo lacked personality and originality, and was outdated. It didn’t tell the organization’s story or incorporate any of the amazing work being done. Realizing that, Impact asked us to re-invent the organization’s brand in order to improve its brand image and promote its mission statement.

Our Solution

When redesigning this identity, our main focus was to visually present the drawing together of both the community members and employees that make Impact Services. In order to do so we created a logo that is completed when the viewer draws in the “i”. The different “i’s” found on various versions of the logo were handwritten by people in the community and employees. This incorporation was to represent the community based upon Impact Services, and how employees are just as affected by the work Impact does as the community members are. Each “i” represents a voice and showcases that person’s individuality and uniqueness while still being apart of a greater community. Over time, the library should grow by collecting more drawn “i’s” from community members, employees, and anyone else involved with the organization.

Interested in seeing more of the brand identity we created for Impact Services?

Below you can a see some of the collateral we created.


Business Cards



Various Collateral


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