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'Cause We are All Living in an Immaterial World

Allan Espiritu, the Principal and Creative Director of GDLOFT just recently had the honor of giving a Keynote Speech at The Federal Reserve. Throughout the speech, Allan explains his methodology and thought process when designing, and gives the audience advice on how they can incorporate them in their own work.

Espiritu first talks about the increasing popularity of digital and how it negatively affects people’s perceptions of print work. He emphasizes how human touch is the most powerful form of non-verbal communication and print work taps into that in a way digital work never will.

He then dives into the epidemic of designers forgetting their audience and succumbing to predictability. “Its amazing sometimes, we as designers … forget about how much the audience really designs the design” Espiritu says. When explaining one rework he did, he acknowledges that the audience might think his changes are simple, however, those simple changes to cater to the correct audience make a world of difference.

Lastly, he displays examples of his and GDLOFT’s past work where he pushed the boundaries of traditional print and turned his work into experiences rather than just something the audience will throw away after reading. He introduces his theory of Aura in design and how he fought against mass production in order to incorporate it in all of his works.

Espiritu wraps up his speech by answering questions, allowing the audience to delve deeper into his mind and thought process.

Click here to watch Allan's keynote speech.


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