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A Year’s Worth of Greetings, Neenah Paper Promotion

Hey, Hi, Hello from GDLOFT!

Wondering what we’ve been up to?

We were honored to be one of the 12 designers featured on Neenah Paper‘s most recent promotion, “A Year’s Worth of Greetings”.

What is that, you might ask?

This promotion, complete with a special “giftable” package, includes 24 custom made greeting cards accompanied by coordinating envelopes. Each card is printed on Neenah’s ROYAL SUNDANCE® and ENVIRONMENT® papers and utilizes a different paper stock and printing technique, showcasing the variety of options available when using Neenah Papers. Designers were able to design two cards, one holiday-themed card, and another “creatively open” card. Within the package you can find cards for a variety of holidays, including Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Earth Day and many others.

What was our part?

We chose to design a card for one of our favorite holidays, New Year’s. This card was especially important to us because we were able to combine that love of New Year’s with another great love of ours, fortune cookie fortunes. We’ve collected quite a large amount of fortunes over the years and thought this was the perfect occasion to show them off. We typed up every single fortune we could find and type set them on our card because there’s no better way to start the new year than by sharing good fortune with your friends and family!

Our second “all occasion” card was also near and dear to us because it features graphics from Allan’s series of works, “Over and Over”. Allan designed “Over and Over” utilizing various pop lyrics to explore the ideas of psychological control, the aesthetic of desire, consumption, and saturation. We were able to add onto that ideology with this greeting card by featuring a mashup of the various works on the front cover.

Why do we love this promotion so much?

Not only did we have a great time designing these cards, but we also loved being able to contribute to something focused on showcasing the importance of print. With everything going digital, it’s easy to forget about the timelessness and tangibility of print work. There’s just something about the emotion provoked from a physical and personalized greeting card that an email will never be able to beat.

Want to read more about Neenah Paper’s “A Year’s worth of Greetings” and learn about the other artists? Click the link below to check out the article GDUSA wrote about it!


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