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5 Essential Questions for Branding Your Event

Events for your organization are filled with potential.

Are you maximizing this potential with your event branding and marketing—or letting it stagnate?

At GDLOFT, we understand the magnitude of getting it right when it comes to event design. Why “magnitude”? Because you’re spending actual money on this event (or your sponsors are). Have this event do what it’s intended to do! Even if your design is beautiful—it won’t work unless it resonates with the audience you’re trying to attract.

Here are the questions we ask to make sure your event has the strongest visual representation—while maximizing your budget.

1. Why are you doing this? What is the purpose of the event? Are you trying to broaden your base? Reward your existing audience? Elevate your brand? Share knowledge? Every event has a purpose—and the design should strategically support this purpose.

At GDLOFT, we make the goals of the event the driving force!

2. What’s the mood? Is it serious? Hopeful? Optimistic? Urgent? By pinpointing the mood of the event, you can develop visuals that elicit this mood in a meaningful way.

At GDLOFT, we will ensure your event creates a feeling.

3. Who is this event for? Who are you trying to attract? Your target attendee helps determine everything: the approach to design, how the theme gets articulated, and the most relevant mediums of connection. Design will look completely different for a younger, digitally-savvy audience than for a more mature guest list.

At GDLOFT, we make sure your event’s visuals connect with your actual audience!

4. Who are the stakeholders? Who are the decision makers for the visuals? Are there partners? Sponsors? It’s critical to get buy-in and find a consensus so everyone feels represented and can be on-board with the visuals. While an event hosted solely by your organization should be a direct microcosm of your brand, an event with sponsors and collaborators needs to considerately represent every party involved. It’s all about finding the right balance!

Here are examples of how we helped find this balance for recent clients:

An event with many collaborators and partners.

A conference being held solely by the organization.

At GDLOFT, we get all decision makers on the same page.

5. What is the budget? Whether your budget is vast or limited, your budget provides constraints, and within those restraints, creativity can flourish!

At GDLOFT, we will creatively and strategically maximize your budget.

When should these questions be asked?

Right from the beginning! These questions are the foundation of the design process and will get you on the path to success.

Want to maximize your event with visuals? We can help.

At GDLOFT, we can design and implement all of your event marketing and branding—from invitations and direct mail, to billboards, digital, signage and websites.

That’s not all. We are strategic partners who can help you think everything through. We’ll bring industry standards, big picture thinking, best practices, and an outside perspective that will provide clarity. Plus, we’ll make sure you’re not wasting money or time.

Have an event on your calendar? Let’s talk. We’ll take the pressure off and make sure it’s done right.


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