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IMPACT Services Brand Identity

IMPACT Services, 2017 Identity

Brand Guide: 8.5"x11", Stationery: 8.5"x11",

Envelope: 9.5"x4.125", Business Card: 3.5"x2"

Servicing those in the Kensington neighborhood, Impact Services is a Philadelphia based nonprofit organization focused on strengthening and empowering its community. From fostering economic and workforce development, to finding housing for homeless veterans, Impact offers many important services vital to the success of Kensington residents.


With an outdated and unexciting brand identity, Impact Services looked to GDLOFT for a total brand identity redesign.

Graphic Design IMPACT Services Brand Identity GDLOFT Philadelphia
Graphic Design IMPACT Services Brand Identity GDLOFT Philadelphia

GDLOFT redesigned the Impact Services identity with the intent of creating a new version that reflected the organization’s mission statement and strong connection to people through community outreach. In order to show this visually, GDLOFT created a logo that is completed when the viewer draws in the “i”. The various “i’s” have been hand drawn by community members, employees, volunteers, and others involved in the organization in order to represent the bringing together of individuals to create the strong community through the organization's work. Each “i” represents a person in the community, having individuality and uniqueness while still being apart of a bigger picture. This library should continuously grow by adding more hand drawn “i’s” over time.

Graphic Design IMPACT Services Brand Identity GDLOFT Philadelphia
GDLOFT graphic design branding identity IMPACT Services
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