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Mural Arts Program


Branding, Print

In 2014, City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program hosted renowned German artist Katharina Grosse, who came to the city to paint a series of murals entitled Psychylustro. The concept centers around direct communication—the design uses the artist’s own words to describe her work to the city.

Designing the identity before the murals’ existence, GDLOFT could not, of course, depict the murals visually. Therefore, they instead represented the artist’s approach to her work, which makes no distinction between background and foreground; everything is a canvas. The design’s interfusion of the type and the background reflect this approach. The color palette of the design anticipates those that Grosse would use to paint Psychylustro. The phrases depicted on the designs are quotes from Grosse and express some of her perspectives of art. By integrating Grosse’s quotes into the design, GDLOFT gave Grosse an opportunity to converse and educate the public on her own work. 


AIGA Philadelphia Design Awards 2017

GDUSA, Pantone Color Contest

GDUSA Design Annual 2017, American Graphic Design Award

Graphis International Graphic Design Annual 2017


GDUSA, April 2017 Issue, Pantone Contest

Graphis Design Annual 2017

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