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Lutheran Settlement House

Lutheran Settlement House

Branding, Print

GDLOFT's rebranding of Lutheran Settlement House.

GDLOFT undertook the rebranding of Lutheran Settlement House (LSH), a venerable non-profit organization dedicated to serving children, adults, and families in Philadelphia for over 120 years. As the longest-standing settlement house in Philadelphia, LSH holds a significant historical position.

GDLOFT's rebranding initiative for Lutheran Settlement House is driven by the goal of fostering community, compassion, and positive change within the local area. The new branding encompasses various design materials. Notably, GDLOFT created materials for the Paint Fishtown Purple initiative, a campaign raising awareness about domestic violence. Between 2022 and 2023, GDLOFT designed impactful signage for Paint Fishtown Purple, placed in the surrounding areas of the LSH building (refer to the images below). Additionally, GDLOFT contributed to designing LSH's annual fundraising event, Powerful Together, by creating printed materials to support this important cause.

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