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AIGA 35th Anniversary Posters


To celebrate the 35th year since the founding of AIGA Philadelphia, 35 Philadelphia-area designers were invited to design 35 posters for a commemorative collection and exhibition. GDLOFT decided to celebrate the occasion by creating a series of three posters which represent this amount of time. As there are 420 months in 35 years, hidden messages like “celebrate 420” appear throughout the poster. Each poster contains 140 lines, each representing a month in the AIGA Philadelphia chapter’s history. The words of the poster are lyrics from David Bowie’s song “Changes,” going along with the theme of time and change.

For the 2017 HOW Live Conference, GDLOFT partnered with Perfect Printing and Neenah Paper for a special poster and signing giveaway. The winning posters were reprinted on HP Indigo certified Neenah sheets and placed inside specially made packaging. The back the posters featured messaging and statistics about the significance and importance of print in a seemingly digital world.




PRINT Magazine 2017 Regional Design Annual, Grand Prize Winner 

PRINT Magazine 2017 Regional Design Annual (East)

Graphis International Poster Annual 2018

GDUSA Design Annual 2017Creative Quarterly 48


PRINT Magazine Design 2017

Graphis Poster Annual 2018

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