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Our Three Pillars Of Collaboration.

You’re an expert at your organization.

Your audience are experts in knowing what they need.

We’re experts in branding, strategy, and design.

At GDLOFT, we recognize that everybody brings valuable experiences and knowledge to the table! This is how we design problem-solving, engagement-deepening solutions.

Here are the three necessary pillars we include and honor in our design process.

  1. You. You and your team are experts in your field. You have institutional knowledge that nobody else has. You don’t just know the mission — you live the mission. You know the day-to-day, the events, the programming, the people — and you understand how all of this functions and intertwines on a very deep level. Your insight is gold. From you, we learn as much as we can.

  2. Them. Your audience has natural expertise. They live in a world full of organizations trying to get their attention. They are affected by pop culture, preferences and a myriad of life experiences. Organically, they know what they need, want and expect. This is why we don’t just consider them — we work to understand them. We involve them when we can. At GDLOFT, we relish the opportunities to make your audience active participants. Sometimes we even attend community meetings. We respect your audience as equals — and this is one of the main reasons our clients keep coming back.

  3. Us. At GDLOFT, we’re experts at design, marketing, and branding strategy. By fully engaging with you and your audience, we deepen our understanding. Then we can then step back, see the big picture clearly, and employ our expertise. Informed by your knowledge, and your audience’s, we translate your message into a design language that will compel them.

Here’s an example of how this trifecta works:

FringeArts is about to have their 25th anniversary. They needed to articulate their core values. Even though they had been embodying these values everyday to their audience, donors and community, they couldn’t figure out the right way to talk about them. (It’s hard when you’re inside the day to day!) By getting to know Fringe Arts’ and their audience, we helped translate our clients’ truth — express their mission, values, and heart of how they help the community.

When it comes to maximizing this trifecta, here’s a tip:

Get us involved early. The sooner we come on board, the more we can help you!

You know what you know.

We know what we know.

And they know what they know.

At GDLOFT, we know that the design is supposed to reflect you, but that ultimately it’s for them. Through our expertise, we are able to navigate this and help you deliver the most connective creative solution.

Let’s join forces.


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