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GDLOFT, Early Adopters of the HP Indigo

Ever heard of HP Indigo? For those of you who haven’t, HP Indigo is a Division of HP Inc.’s Graphic Arts business. It was founded by Israeli company, Indigo Digital Press and was later bought by Hewlett-Packard (HP). HP Indigo develops, manufactures, and markets digital printing solutions.

Being one of the early adopters of Indigo’s digital printing technology, HP Indigo chose to feature us and our good friends at Perfect Communications in their latest video.

Perfect Communications is a commercial printing company providing print and marketing services to businesses and organizations in the Philadelphia area. Over the years we have created a strong bond with Perfect Communications and know we will get the highest quality digital prints possible when printing with them.

The video focuses on how the HP Indigo Digital Press has enhanced the printing experience and inspired the Philadelphia design community. Perfect Communications speaks of the printing process, the importance of print work, and how HP Indigo saved their business during a time where digital took over and print was seemingly dead. Introducing the HP Indigo, Perfect Communications was able to print bright, vibrant colors on any colored sheet, even black. We were able to give our input on how printing with Perfect Communications and the HP Indigo has allowed us more creative freedom by knowing anything is possible when it comes to printing. Throughout the video you can see some shots of works we had printed at Perfect Communications with the HP Indigo, our AIGA 35th Anniversary posters being one of them.

Not only was it an honor to be the design studio featured in this video, but it was a great opportunity to be able to boast about the new technology available to us and how it enhances the production of our designs and drives the possibilities of print. We are proud to be apart of the Philly design community where such amazing resources are available to us.


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