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Do You Need Clarity with Your Communication Materials?

Our Client

The University of Delaware is a public university located in Newark, Delaware. The largest university in the state of Delaware, UD offers a wide range of degrees from various departments, one being the Department of Art and Design. This department offers three programs, BA, BFA and MFA.

Their Thoughts

UD came to us wanting a catalog that targeted prospective students interested in the BA, BFA, and MFA programs. After meeting with the university and holding a workshop, it was clear to us that our client’s thoughts focused around the central theme of accessibility that we helped them develop. The concept behind the catalog was to allow instant access to all the information about the programs and leave viewers without any lingering questions due to left out details.

Our Design

In order to portray the theme of accessibility, we designed a catalog without a conventional cover. There is no introductory formality, the catalog dives right into content, having details of the programs provided on the very first page. Designing a catalog with this format optimized the amount of exposure perspective students will view of the information. All of the information is laid out in an easy and appealing way. To continue on the theme of access, we divided the catalog into two different sized books, one large and the other small. The smaller book featured text and details, while the larger book was dedicated to images, allowing them to shine with no distractions.

A benefit of being on board with the project from the beginning was being trusted with controlling various aspects including copywriting, photography, and design. We were able to work with the photographer to capture specific images in order to continue the theme of access for both prospective graduates and undergraduates. The images for the undergraduate catalog varied from the graduate catalog. Images in the undergraduate catalog feature classrooms and students, giving the prospective student the opportunity to invision themselves within that environment. While the graduate catalog images focus more of the tools and workspaces students will be able to utilize in order to further their success. Our clients having so much trust in us and giving us control allowed us to create a harmonious piece with all aspects blending together.


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