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Can Design Make Your Message Memorable?

When the Pew Center for Arts and Heritage came to us to design a catalog for their No Idea Is Too Ridiculous program, we wanted to create something that emulated the organization and left a lasting impression on everyone who came into contact with it.

The main premise of this program was to enforce the idea that creative practice requires a consciousness of real and imagined constraints. To show this, the Pew Center for Arts and Heritage selected five museum organizations to each develop a project using only $1000. The fixed budget would stimulate creativity, pushing participants to take risks, and encourage them to learn from one another.

In order to have the catalog share the organization’s message, we came up with a design that matched the diverse yet integrated nature of the program. The catalog consists of seven individual booklets, one introducing the program; five documenting each project; and one acting as a poster. Each booklet is hand saddle stitched and fully functional as a stand alone pamphlet. However, when put together, they form one cohesive experience. To add a layer of complexity, we made the alignment of the pages staggered.

We loved having the opportunity to design this catalog because of the level of trust between the client and GDLOFT, in addition to the creative freedom we were given throughout this process. Being able to make something that is not only functional, but also has a message within the production of it was very rewarding.

When formulating a design concept, we always think about how to embody the message we are trying to portray through every step of the design process. Not only is the content of the design important, but also the production. How the work will look, function, feel; are all things we utilize to add to the overall experience.

We were lucky to work with an organization that understood the relationship between trust and creative freedom, which allows for a strong and unique design. The most successful and memorable pieces of work are created when the client allows us to do what we think is best in regards to the design and production; that’s when the magic really happens. We believe that with both a strong concept and great client partnership as the foundation, any design can be uniquely crafted to share a memorable message about your organization.


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