Self-initiated, 2006

Letter-pressed overprint newspapers: 10” x 10”


The Terror Show, Intersection for the Arts Gallery, San Francisco, CA;

Wart!, MBN Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Post is a series of work exploring the idea of propaganda and the news media. This group of work uses pages from the NY Times in an attempt to expose the persuasive and narrative quality of image and head-lines. The works were created by combining old and new printing techniques. Selected newspaper pages were overprinted by using letter pressing. In letter-press printing (type of relief printing), ink is applied to the raised portions of a metal or hard plastic plate, which is then pressed on the paper or other substrate. The original works were then scanned, cropped and printed on archival paper. The use of the letter pressing and scanning together may seem contradictory to most, but for myself it raises questions of “the original” and appropriation in relation to issues of art making.

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