AIGA Philadelphia Spring Lecture Series


American Institute of Graphic Arts, Philadelphia, 2007

Poster/mailer, postcards


STEP Magazine, The Design 100, 2008, Selection; PRINT Magazine Design Annual 2008, Selection; Graphis Poster Annual 2008/2009, Gold Graphis Award; GDUSA Design Annual 2007/2008, American Graphic Design Award; Incheon International Design Show, Selection; Create Magazine Design Annual 2007/2008, Selection; AIGA Philadelphia Design Awards 2008 Design Finalist 


PRINT Magazine Design, Regional Design Annual, December 2008 issue; STEP Magazine, The Design 100 Issue, March/April 2008; GDUSA, Magazine

The piece was created to advertise the Spring 2007 lecture series for AIGA Philadelphia. The series gathers together a group of designers that challenges traditional notions of graphic design. The goal was to create a piece that would both resonate with designers and stay true to the objectives of the lecture series. The poster intends to challenge the viewer by having him or her question the design of the poster and the completeness of the design, issues akin to the topics of the lecture series itself. 

Form or function? Pick one.

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