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You know your organization better than anyone.


Ideal client: Here’s a little insight into how well we know you

Ideal client: here’s a little insight into how well we know you

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You are knowledgeable and passionate about your organization — but need someone who can tap into this and synthesize it into compelling design.

You want a design partner who’s going to listen to and collaborate with you.


You want a strategist to see the big picture and the undercurrents to figure out what’s really happening.


You want a partner who isn’t just considering what you need — but also what your audience needs.


You’re tired of having to start at the beginning with every designer. You want an ongoing partner you can rely on — someone who deeply knows your organization.


You wear multiple hats and are trying to take design off

your plate.


Efficiency is important to you; you want to make a smart investment and don’t want to waste money on design materials that don’t work.


You want to do it right the first time.


You don’t like cookie-cutter approaches; you prefer something more holistic.


You want to create a unified marketing message across your design materials — not have everything so siloed.


You want to know you’re in good hands.​

If you’ve been nodding, we would make excellent collaborators.

At GDLOFT, we specialize in working with visionaries like you to unlock design-greatness in organizations like yours.

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